Eight staff  from the Honorary Justice Support Service holding up smiley face post-it notes to celebrate National Volunteers Week.

In recognition of National Volunteer Week (16-22 May), the Department of Justice and Community Safety is celebrating honorary justice volunteers, who play an important role in the justice system and provide a valuable and accessible service to all members of the community.

Run by Volunteering Australia, National Volunteer Week is Australia’s largest annual celebration of the millions of volunteers across the country. This year’s theme is ‘Better Together’. It acknowledges the vital role volunteers collaboratively play to deliver essential services and support the wellbeing of Australians. It also recognises that volunteering brings people together; it builds communities and creates a better society for everyone. Together, through volunteering, communities are changed for the better.

Our Honorary Justice volunteers comprise of almost 3400 Bail Justices and Justices of the Peace, all of whom embody this theme by contributing to a better society for Victorian communities.

The pandemic has been a challenging time for the community, who have continued to need the services of honorary justices. The resilience you have demonstrated throughout this period is valued and recognised.

Finally, thank you for your ongoing commitment and dedication to providing your local communities with essential services. We appreciate the great work you do as volunteers each and every day.

Message from the Attorney General

Honorary justice volunteers play an invaluable role in our justice system and community, volunteering to help thousands of Victorians each day.

Our Justices of the Peace work at locations across the state to provide crucial witnessing and certification services to all sectors of the community – helping Victorians manage their legal affairs.

Bail Justices are at the frontline of Victoria’s justice system working outside business hours and on weekends conducting bail hearings to ensure that Victorians have access to justice services.

COVID-19 has indeed brought many challenges to all Victorians and shaken up every sector of our society, with a significant impact on people’s health and wellbeing. It’s times like these that we rely on volunteers even more. Thank you for continuing to volunteer your time, energy and expertise to help your fellow Victorians during such a difficult time –it speaks volumes to your commitment to our community.

The Victorian Government will continue to work side by side with the honorary justice volunteers to make sure we are supporting you to deliver legal services to the community.

I extend my recognition and thanks to every single one of the honorary justice volunteers serving our community, thank you.